Other Key Sectors

With the increasing convergence of technologies, sectors and scientific disciplines, Ottawa is cultivating world-class expertise in several emerging technologies. These include:

Machine Learning

When it comes to applied artificial intelligence, few markets rival Ottawa. From IBM's Watson analytics platform to innovation in smart cities and digital health, Ottawa's AI footprint has grown substantially over the past two decades. The region's billion-dollar telecomm-5G sector is also leveraging AI capabilities to improve products and services.


We are home to a critical mass of clean technology companies who leverage government labs, experienced researchers and engineers, and key industry associations to put Ottawa in a unique position to lead Canada's clean technology industry. Our sector strengths include: bio-refinery, recovery and remediation, energy infrastructure and green buildings.

Digital Media

Ottawa’s digital media landscape features a wide range of global success stories, including WarnerMedia (You.i TV), which develops SDK for cross-platform content delivery, and live video broadcast leader Ross Video. We are also home to the Emmy award-winning animation studio Mercury Filmworks, and gaming developer Snowed In Studios.


Augmented reality and virtual reality are growing sectors in Ottawa. The city’s private-sector strengths include everything from digital media to defence. The city’s AR/VR ecosystem is supported by a strong hardware presence with other tech companies that produce such tools as sensors, gloves and goggles.

Data Analytics

Ottawa’s data analytics strength powers innovative applications spanning several clusters —from digital health to connected and autonomous vehicles. Our main post-secondary institutions have data analytics programs or centres and the National Research Council Data Analytics Centre offers innovation services to industry.


Ottawa’s robotics ecosystem includes everything from autonomous vehicles to drones and sensor-based applications for oceanography and mining. Ottawa’s robotics industry includes hardware strength in areas such as sensors and the ecosystem boasts an emphasis in automation systems for unmanned vehicles. You will also find robotics incorporated into the advanced communications capabilities at Area X.O, which is leveraged by sectors including precision agriculture and aerospace.

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