Ottawa is Canada’s 5G Leader

Global telecommunications players know Ottawa is the place to be for world-class R&D that pushes the boundaries. They have been tapping into Ottawa’s deep expertise for decades and this interest is only accelerating as the potential of next generation networks, like 5G, come into focus.

Industry leaders Nokia and Ericsson have engineering and R&D labs in our city and these global leaders are also leveraging 5G connectivity at Area X.O, a state-of-the-art facility which offers a safe and secure environment to create, test and demonstrate future mobility, autonomy and connected technologies. Ottawa is also home to one of five sites in Quebec and Ontario taking part in ENCQOR, a public-private partnership for 5G research and innovation.

You’ll also find world-class expertise in wireless and satellite 5G innovations in our city. Honeywell, Telesat and Orbcomm all have a presence here which leverages North America’s highest concentration
of tech talent.

Why Ottawa is the best place for next general network leaders:

    • 90 percent of Canada’s industrial telecommunications R&D takes place in Ottawa
    • Anchored by BlackBerry QNX, Ottawa’s smart mobility cluster includes more than 100 companies
    • Strategic location for over a dozen O-RAN Alliance contributors and operator members, including Juniper Networks, ADVA, & Analog Devices
    • Local start-ups like Cheetah Networks, Ranovus, and ThinkRF are spearheading 5G innovation, next-generation networks and communications that will revolutionize the future

5G Innovation in Ottawa

Examples of 5G Brilliance

These companies are taking advantage of Ottawa's world-class environment for leading-edge products, technologies and innovations.


One of Ottawa’s largest tech employers, Ciena is a world-leading networking systems, services and software company. Operating out of a 425,000-square-foot R&D facility in Ottawa it employs more than 1,800 employees.


Ericsson has had a strategic R&D facility in Ottawa for over 10 years. The company employs over 1,500 highly skilled people and is the company’s largest site of its type in North America. It recently opened the state-of-the-art Ericsson Open Lab here in Ottawa. It allows researchers from around the world to collaborate remotely on 5G wireless technology projects.


Nokia has a significant R&D presence in Ottawa. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing opportunities across the globe. Their awardwinning Nokia Bell Labs is a leader in the development and deployment of 5G networks.


The ENCQOR 5G Program provides open access to state-of-the-art 5G radio, infrastructure (iPaaS) and technology that enables pre-commercial development, testing and demonstration. Program participants receive access to a pre-commercial 5G wireless platform with access to developer toolkits, open APIs, cloud services, and 5G handsets. In addition, advisory services and customized market research reports are provided to program participants at no cost.

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