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The latest news and updates from our global expansion team and Ottawa companies across the sectors we serve.

Tech Hub Showdown: Ottawa vs. Austin

Welcome to Part 1 of our Tech Hub Showdown series that compares Ottawa, Ontario, with American tech hotspots Austin, Texas; Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Silicon Valley, California (Bay Area); and Washington, District of Columbia. Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is an innovative, diverse, future-ready city and a great place to live, learn, and work. In this post, […]

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Invested in Our New Reality Podcast Shines a Spotlight on Ottawa’s Global Appeal

Season 7 of Invest Ottawa’s popular podcast, Invested In Our New Reality hosted by Shavonne Hasfal-McIntosh, has gone global! This season features one-on-one conversations with senior leaders from global companies who are investing in Ottawa and those who are helping them succeed in Canada’s capital.  Listen to all eight episodes below or read each episode’s companion […]

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Catalyst: The source for open-source consulting

Canada is Catalyst’s fourth home — the open-source consulting company was founded in New Zealand, then added operations in Australia and later the U.K. and in 2020, it established a presence in Ottawa.   The company was launched 22 years ago by a group of individuals whose mission was to make open-source software the choice of […]

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TSMC: Doubling down on Ottawa

TSMC, the world’s largest dedicated IC foundry, has been in Ottawa for more than a decade and it’s eager to expand its operations. Specifically, the company is looking to hire talented engineers to work in designs for its advanced process technologies. “We are looking to continue to grow the current talents we have, which are […]

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Since COVID-19 hit and most professionals started working from home, SonicWall has noticed an uptick in business. Keith Trottier, Vice President of Customer Success for SonicWall, has been working non-stop to help protect new and existing customers via the company’s Boundless Cybersecurity vision. The company has been in the cybersecurity business for 29 years and […]

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Ribbon Communications: Tied to Ottawa

Ribbon Communications counts as its customers “pretty much every communications service provider around the world,” according to Sam Bucci, a veteran tech executive and Executive Vice President of the Ottawa arm of the company. That means it services the likes of Bell Canada, Rogers, AT&T, Verizon and approximately 1,000 of their counterparts in 25 countries […]

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Field Effect: Putting a lock on cybersecurity

Field Effect has ambitious plans to become the best cybersecurity company in the world, with a mission of making powerful security accessible to giants and startups alike. And, having nearly tripled its number of employees in the past 18 months — half of that in a global pandemic — its principals think it’s well on its way. […]

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Kinaxis: Revolutionizing supply chains

Even as few as six years ago, Kinaxis had slightly more than 200 employees. Today, its payroll is hurtling over the 1,000-person mark. The company, which went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2014 and has consistently been named a Leader on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, now serves worldwide and has employees in 21 countries. So far, it’s acquired two other companies, one of which is Toronto’s Rubikloud. […]

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