Field Effect: Putting a lock on cybersecurity

Field Effect has ambitious plans to become the best cybersecurity company in the world, with a mission of making powerful security accessible to giants and startups alike. And, having nearly tripled its number of employees in the past 18 months — half of that in a global pandemic — its principals think it’s well on its way. […]

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Kinaxis: Revolutionizing supply chains

Even as few as six years ago, Kinaxis had slightly more than 200 employees. Today, its payroll is hurtling over the 1,000-person mark. The company, which went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2014 and has consistently been named a Leader on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, now serves worldwide and has employees in 21 countries. So far, it’s acquired two other companies, one of which is Toronto’s Rubikloud. […]

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